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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 23, 2010 4:00am-6:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> the one word i have for weather is mild. try starting at the day, it should be dry we finished the day. >> we do held little default mainly up to the north and east bay. it will develop as a threat to the next couple of hours. here's a look in your current temperatures,
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much cooler than where we were yesterday. a couple 50s in the south bay. 51 san jose elsewhere sitting in the 40's in the '30s. santa rosa 36, 48 seconds is there, same for oakland, hayward. 47 livermore. satellite, radar we're in the clear rain now. this is our stay for the next couple of days, a system is then expected to drop into our area bringing is quite a bit of what weather. expect some lame rate here in the bay area, getting up to an inch of rain in the bay, heavy snow in the sierra. tahoe, white christmas. could see some snowflake's as well. 55 santa rosa, 54¢ from sister, 56 concord. warming up to 57 degrees,
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some of the war reports hayward, fremont. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it does show partly cloudy conditions for the next couple of days. thursday, friday, a christmas day the rain returns we should continue to see raindrops lingering on sunday. next week see a chance of showers returning as well. tempters day in the '50s. warm it up to 60 by tomorrow. commute with their cat. >> good morning, no major problems to report. if you're driving in the southbound we are small renege construction in effect re where highway 92 needs jackson. roadway is close, a detour in place. it's not his in any major slowing. san mateo, no problems to, nice, easy conditions. take a look that is easy access the san mateo
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from but no problems with the intelligence of the george the peninsula, no back up at the toll plaza no problems to the bridge along highway 101. folding gates, fell flat stomach for shifts i just checked red sensors. no problems during county. were in the clear for hiring 37 down to waldegrave. lastly, westbound a tear the upper future freeway, nice, light conditions traffic is moving along as kurds, no problems rooms across golden gate. down towards every bill. nice, light conditions. meeting lights are off. from the foot of the macarthur maze towards san francisco clocking in at 8 minutes. will. >> developing story on the deadly shooting on the peninsula six people have been shot, two are dead. this google not sure as you were absent a plane and
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linden avenue and south san francisco that is just off highway 101. the suspect or suspects or on a loose. reggie kumar has more. >> investigators say the shooting happened on the plane, you can see police to taper off this entire area as they continue their investigation will we know six people shot, two dead, one in critical three have not life-threatening injuries all of them take it hospital. investigators have a vague description of the suspects three hispanic males armed and dangerous. possibly adopt or late teens. 2000-2002 chevy impala tinted windows. police are asking for the public's help to try and find these people. investigators will be here knocking on doors target of the lighter seen something. >> now to our other developing story that we've been following all week, the
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weather, cruisers are cleaning up in southern california after the recent storm caused flooding and mudslides east of laws angeles, 20 homes launched, 3 ft. of mud went to creek overflowed. 12 mi. of orange county are closed over fears that the storm washed polluted water into the ocean. rasper used to rescue people from my hotel. 60 people were rescued, more than 30 homes evacuated when water surged irrigated community in orange county. two days until christmas the frustration continues at some airports because of the storms here and around the world travelers are delayed summer stock for who knows how much longer? team coverage. beginning with jonathan bloom. >> here at the oakland airport the normal heart is
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making its way through the security checkpoints. some of those people are checking lines to see if their flights are delayed finding out that they're more delayed than they thought. what started at his 10-team minute delay can turn into a 30-one hour. folks it's a good idea to bring some entertainment, reading material. this did it come to expect these delays the ones whose flights are delayed say they're presently surprised. >> from oakland international to san francisco where it dan kerman schurz's this attrition. >> sfo lines were not very long, the package is substituted for a carrier and eggs. domestic flights were here on time or delayed no more than one hour. for your passengers at sfo international >> my plan was britisher lance i could go because
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this fall. speaking getting to london continues to be difficult. it has resulted in many of these people being in san francisco or at the airport for several days. >> how long it you been waiting. speaking us and sunday. we very scheduled for tuesday, we came back yesterday the flight was canceled again. were on standby for today, then modified searched again. so, we hopefully will lead to mark. >> wednesday british airways was only find one of its two flights bad news for some, not everyone. speaker watch on the news of the is a big worry there my frigate canceled, to fly at a severances guard, mine was on the was not cancelled. i'm really lucky. >> for those still waiting for see, time is running out. police to get home in
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time for the holidays. >> my kids are waiting. >> regarding their so why bother to see your grandparents. but are trying to get there for christmas. >> there's still a chance to the other such insider now. hopefully. >> hope is all they have, there doesn't seem to be a lot of standby seats to go around. >> you just turned after days of waiting and going nowhere for thousands of travelers britain's heathrow says most whites running on time, that after days are distractions the services caused by the weather. the report says it on the express a few cancellations or delays today. >> president barack obama did not have any delays having to write, here is arriving just a few hours ago to start his attend a family vacation. he had planned to arrive on saturday pushed back his
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departure tuesday in d.c. while lawmakers wrapped up all lame duck situation. during his wife and daughters to been here for rows couple of days at their rented a oceanfront home. they're expected to return to d.c. general second. honda is recalling gazans of cars, we'll tell you which runs and wide. a live look aside from our roof camera, it is a mild day to day. louisa will have minor weather forecast in a few minutes.
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welcome back here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. parleys senate today, saturday, sunday the rain returns. clearing up just a bit, the beginning of next week, showers return on monday. >> honda is recalling nearly 11,000 cars. it covers 2010-2011 accord sedans. honda says they will
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inspect the machinery used to tighten spending less on the front axles on both cars, that could cause the suspension to fail. owners will be notified last week, repairs being done at dealerships. if you're hitting the road this holiday prices at the pump may make you rethink that third christmas present. the national average has jumped to $3.10. this is the first time since 2008 that gas prices have been above the $3 mark. officials say the prices have never been this high, prices. aaa is sticking with this project and then nearly 86 million people will travel by car to their holiday destination debts more than a 3% increase from last year. let's get a check on the markets, no pre-christmas freeze on wall street,
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stocks are expected to consider their december pushed things to encouraging reports on the economy and home sales the dow added 26 points yesterday, nasdaq rose four points. expecting the congress to permit to release reports on personal income, spending, new arms sales. the labor department will report on weekly jobless claims. >> police and security agents were sent scrambling when a driver crashed into the front lawn of former president george bush. the single coax it happened yesterday, in either bush or his wife were injured. their house was not damaged, their home was reportedly never in danger. officers question the driver and then released and they say he had been visiting one of the president's neighbors. dallas police are some investigating. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news much more weather, traffic, news
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louisa will tussle with the expected date, how much rain possibly is headed our way for the christmas holiday. here is a live look from the golden gate bridge, there are no backups. erika will give us an update also will become back.
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welcome back, a live shot, so this brings i-e zero. you can see that track is just flying by, the roads look pretty good this morning as a lot of people probably heading to talk of this weekend. will snubby heading their way? speaking is tapering off, the next couple of days are expected to be tried. for those folks planning on skiing today or tomorrow condition should be nice. mark carter is to come as we head towards christmas day. james lick, downtown in the clear, dealing with a little bit of thought to the
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north bay san francisco 48, a little bit cooler where we were yesterday. warming it up to the '50s by noon, 54 today for your afternoon i, back up to 50 right o'clock. elsewhere, cold into santa rosa. the low 40's did napa. 50 degrees mountain view, 51 san jose. satellite, radar showing us what's going on catching a break for a few days, clear conditions but come the weekend saturday will bring is quite a bit of what weather. here is your afternoon highs, up to 55 for santa rosa, novato. 56 richmond. 54 san francisco. staying in the '50s in the south bay, 57 degrees for hayward, fremont. 55 to these bay into oakland. future cast, through the
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weekend give you an idea. early saturday looks likely to pick up a few sprinkles, the better chance of the afternoon. it started off brings some heavy rain up to the north bay, everyone, the peninsula, the north bay, portions of the south bay research is the heavier downpours by the afternoon. the intensity level should last for several hours or minutes of 3:00-4 clock. in looks like we're action going to see some snow in to the sierra. 7:00, the snow along its zero, 50. heavy snow in the sierra, heavy rain in the bay. all-around pretty wet day for your christmas day. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay.. partly sunny, rain returns and christmas should continue to sunday, the next chance on tuesday, showers expected for wednesday. they're good. >> thank you, , no hot spot, so spots, advisers.
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ideal conditions your ride around the bay, westbound each year the approach to the bay bridge, very few cars on the road coming from all approaches you not run into any delays, the nimitz freeway, was found 5801 to reach the toll plaza know we get the pay date. so sam tells a good alternative, same story, nice, light conditions. now back up at the toll plaza traffic is flowing freely 13-14 minutes. golden gate, nice, light very few cars on the road said darden to san francisco, no problems pass highway 37. and eventually to the golden gate bridge, toward san francisco. quick update on sierra travel, the chains are required for highway 88. one way traffic control in effect for highly 88. this is due to
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landslides in the area, caltrans says you should expect a 20 minute delays. good news, no change requirements in effect for highway 50. well. >> staying with the transportation stream caltrans is requiring the public very increases are set to go in effect on gin refers. here's the list, 25¢ per zone there will go up from $140 to hundred $55, a pilot program for we can be people as expressed in stopping at seven stops between sentences, san jose, elimination of two south and north brown trains from midday schedule. all of these or other close projected $2.3 million budget gap. bay bridge has seen a drop in carpoolers, it appears it may be more than just neutrals
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contributing. the number of multi person vehicles has dropped from was a percent between 2009-10, a decrease there was more than twice as much as overall drop in traffic. the drop box does not factor in the new two- door to send toll because growing numbers to further plummet. 4.6 million carpoolers used to pass for free 2010 4.2 million across the bridge, a decrease of nearly 8%. developing story that we have been following all week, at a dozen seven california counties are under state of emergency this morning as the region gets sacked was six straight days veterans during. hundreds of people are being told to get out. >> always really scared i'd
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that we're in a straight into the river. very scary. >> they were rescued and life rafts for my san diego hotel the water to 5 ft. deep. residents are unsure what to do. >> what will happen now i can get home to get right to come close my dogs. >> the stadium is under water. crews had been working nonstop to gumbo water. further north santa as a bridge repair about floodwaters, dozens of homes and even cars are buried in mud in sambar in the know. two rivers overflowed after getting nearly 20 in. of rain internet, an airport shut down though runway and some small planes were submerged. its dredging parts of nevada, arizona. the law's biggest trees looked more like rivers has was swept
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rabbits foundation and arizona. there was the least one circassian say, a double rainbow broke through the clouds over hollywood. >> forecasters expect the storms to wind down starting today although, the threat of mudslides and flooding still remains. start forget you can check delays, track the storm anytime you want to from home to his log on the palo alto police are investigating an armed robbery it happened in the 3900 block of nelson dry. a woman had just parked your car when a man approached her the gun. she gave her purse and then he ran off. described as an african-american male, a tall, thin, very generic of the kumar formation through a possible long. baseball cap, a dark checkered jacket, dark pants. a woman suspected of burning down her home two years ago has
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been arrested, 42 your of the on the south but taken into custody on tuesday, back in december 2008 police were called to report of a fire on these industries the fire department initially reported she walked into her home when she heard an explosion, her house was engulfed by flames, they found evidence suggesting the fire had been intentionally set the motive was money. she had second and third degree burns. oakland police tracking down artels which they say cater to a child prostitution. >> leasing draws as a -10 up to 17 are here on the streets of oakland, from all our country. mr. tell has
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been a problem in this area for girls being exploited within the terms and has to in the rooms by pimps who forced them to work the streets in areas around. this simple things that they can look for to help us, but this human trafficking that's occurring. one of the biggest thing is is for them to stay in compliance one of those being injured in a restaurant someone mentioned a version has a valid id and that they register all of their guests. as simple sign of human is if you're seeing more than just the registry referred to argos and excessive amount of people coming in and out that the sign of human trafficking. another thing they should be looking for, one male or sometimes two males coming to register
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room with a car full of females and the tender age. it usually going to be a pam with his corporate girls. it's another key indicator. >> oakland city officials say they will use a california law that allows cities to sue to close down artels they're seeking civil penalties of $25,000 in each case. a schnauzer from beaten and shot with a pellet gun in oakland last week is expected to go on today this is kevin. he's been recovering in hospital ever since a police officers spotted him lying near the side of their road last weekend. please do not have any suspects, his owner says a contractor did not shut the front door of his home allowing kevin and another dark to escape. he has received several treatments, surgery is costing more than $10, the other dockland is fine.
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ladies and your world headlines on the tense situation tran north and south korea. a live look good side, it is today about the weather, we will tie your all about that and what we can expect in a few minutes.
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welcome back, more than 800 troops departed but alive their exercise tensions are
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high between the two countries have been for decades. north korea says it's ready to launch no. 3 of increasing tensions. obama administration has for the case against china before world trading organization accusing beijing of providing unfair government subsidies to energy companies. it's in response to a petition from the steelworkers union. the union claims that chinese businesses are able to cell, wind, solar equipment on the international market at a cheaper price than their competitors because they receive subsidies. the case alleges that subsidies were in violation of the global trade rules. dmitri met rob has welcome the u.s. senate's decision to ratify a landmark u.s. and i share arms treaty >> when the president signed
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a new start treaty they agreed that the ratification process should be conducted simultaneously, legislators and the parliament had said before the senate ratified the pact yesterday that they would approve the treaty quickly after it's ratified in the u.s.. the russian parliament is now saying it needs to study the senate resolution before voting their expected to meet tomorrow. coming up, we are going to have a full weather update with louisa as well as a traffic update for america. before we go to break a quick note to tell you about, rain in the new year with kron4, the biggest, best parties in the bay area tune in at 11:30 p.m. to kron4 is a new year's eve live. it is the only local new year show in the bay area's fair way to celebrate safely. >>
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welcome back, live look from san francisco roof camera still dark, should get into 0.5 hours, when it comes up with probably will not be followed by the rain isn't that right? >> that's absolutely right, staying dry for today if you need to the get things done endorser gesture a lot of folks need to do. today is going to be dry, dry for two days in a row. >> cool, clear start for the morning some thought to the north bay, the east bay. in fact it should start to thicken up in the next few hours. next chance of rain happens to be our christmas day in the latter part. current temperatures, much cooler than yesterday. low '40's for san rafael, santa rosa, chile, thirties. over three livermore upper 40's, low 50s and assess bay. satellite, radar clear, may
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be bringing in a few clouds kind of a mixture. low pressure system in the gulf, and the french from that is expected to six out toward toward saturday. the chance of rain around much of the day on saturday. the storm system moving in, into the afternoon rain will start to pick up, pretty fast-moving system however is expected to jump on us anywhere from 1-2 in. of rain. of course and heavy, heavy snow in this era. afternoon highs, 55 for santa rosa, novato. the wall of the lot concord, 56. hayward, fremont, the starters, and you could mark to 57 degrees. overall hanging out in the '50s. future cast, there's a chance of rain pushing in by the second part of your day on your saturday and looks like very heavy rain is
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expected heading to the afternoon into the evening. still continuing to keep the chance of showers around. and snow in the sierra. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay.. break from the red weather, they come to our sunday. rain sets again in on the weekends. continuing on through sunday. next chance is tuesday showers will continue on thursday. erica. >> pretty great conditions, no qualms, no wet or raise we do have a new style of the bay bridge, westbound traffic is flowing creek freely but up the incline towards treasure island there's a stalled vehicle blocking the right hand lane not producing any major slowing but you may want to keep left if you can. san mateo, no problems come easy conditions in both directions of '92, look all that space in the commute direction that is traffic headed towards the peninsula, no proms at the toll plaza known palms of
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your head in the east bound direction towards hayward. golden gate, 101 nice, light conditions i don't think i've seen the kron morning. very easy conditions along the span if your coming from the water passing highly 37 you'll run into any problems, no floating-rate lucky drive. waldegrave looks great, south bay, northbound, you can see light conditions as you make your way toward santa clara. no back up at the 87 interchange, interstate 280 or 80 you will find any problems. traffic was up a limit. your ride on public transportation, no problems to as yet. well. >> developing story, police are searching this morning for three men suspected of killing two men in south san francisco. it happened last night near linton ave. the two men died at the scene, another was critically injured. a total of six
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people shot up. >> this is a gang area were not saying it's a gang sure routing because we don't know. >> there are problems in this area we did have a homicide nearby weather is random shootings ipod or check on that are not aware. >> white cops or the other person it was a gang. that's what we found out my other brother he's 15 years old, one of my friends call me and told me your two brothers got shot. >> police are looking for three men at late teens or early 20s who left the scene in a brown chevy impala 2000-2002. tinted windows. >> an update on the story we've been telling you about, which charge about it earlier this week a man shot and antioch monday evening has died. hospital officials say 24 year-old arnold died from his injuries two days ago. the
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happened monday night, officers found the oakland resident had been shot in the head the victim drove trucks your way to meet with a group of people the were in a very dirty 1990's two-door ford escort. authorities are still looking for the suspects. other developing story half a dozen southern california counties are still under state of emergency as the region gets sacked with its sixth straight day of torrential rain, crews say it will take several weeks for streets in the neighborhood and samper and the county to be cleared. two small rivers in nearby highland overflowed creating a flash flood that rushed through the streets, flooding deposited thick layers of mud which damage as many as 40 homes buried dozens of cars, bulldozers are harder work trying to clear the streets. take a look at this video, this is stadium in san diego it is filled with water, that's where the chargers play the
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football games and cleanup crews have been working around the clock to pump water from the stadium for the ball tonight, san diego state are said to play, you can see a white tarp in the middle of the field surrounded by water. parking is expected to be tough since the lot is also flooded. this week's wicked weather continues to cause delays at bay area airports even though the weather here has been a lot better, the weather around the country and in europe has been delaying flights in our area as well. passengers say they're discovering that a flight originally delayed for 10-15 minutes is turning into a longer delay by the time they arrive at the airport. some continued to remain positive. >> of a flood of oakland so i wouldn't get the latest san francisco of the delayed about 10 minutes. i'm going to see kids i want to get home. >> so that 10 minute delay has a sitting? >> area's
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>> to think again worse. no. >> under be positive 10 minutes. >> to you think your flight was delayed again? yes and sure of it. >> i better get delayed an hour. >> i would be shocked if there was only 15 minutes late. >> here's the reason why those flights are delayed, even if they're heading to a sunny spot the plane of the going to hop onto might be leaving a wintry weather spark, that plane is late surrogates backed up. that's where we have all the delays. >> if your heading to bay area airports, be prepared, air force officials are asking you to be patient, suggesting in my wondering entertain with you. heathrow most flights are running on time that after days of destruction, to services caused by the bad weather, the airport says it expects only a few cancellations or delays today. president barack obama did not have any problems getting to right
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here was george wallace these a few hours ago to start his tent a family vacation. he had planned to arrive on saturday, pushed back his departure tuesday in d.c. while lawmakers wrapped up a lame duck situation. turning his wife, daughters to been vacation at the family's rented oceanfront home since last weekend. they are expected to return to d.c. on january 2nd. the president says the economy will be his singular focus over the next two years. the nation as pastor cars as part in the economy and he will now be working to bring down the jobless rate, speaking he says the government needs to be a good partner with private sector getting way of regulations that stand in the wave of innovation. he says the government needs to make sure consumers, workers, the environment are protected. the senate followed the house at a session about 11:00 our
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time. 5.5 hours ago bringing to a close one of the most productive congress is in history repeal of the don't ask don't tell and the ratification of the new juror arms treaty all want approval. they struck a deal to extend the tax cuts for americans, when congress gets back to work. coming up, following the weather situation not just here in the bay area but in southern california as well. before we talk about those stories, a live look outside of san francisco on mild morning. the mild couple of days with the rain coming back on christmas morning.
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a quick look to the bay area
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bridges, bay bridge, is very light, very few cars for 4:40 a.m.. done expected to pick up a lot of people have marty called in for the week and starting their christmas vacation are ready. san mateo, a surprisingly yellow the busier. if you can see this taillights, those cars going from hayward to the peninsula, no problems if you're heading in either direction, golden gate, traffic these bridge of the mall. 20 minutes from novato into the city. no problems to anywhere took the bay area. new details, a border dispute between san francisco and san mateo county is heating up over and new local hiring mandate. the news san francisco measure requires 20% local high lading for city funded construction projects and his first year san mateo county believes the new law will drain jobs from its local economy
4:42 am
because, san francisco plans and spending billions of dollars in capital projects in the coming years, some of which are taking place in san mateo county including at sfo. and going into effect could bring on line impersonator's heavy fines or even jail time. the governor signed a the bill into law late september, according to a lot anyone who assumes the identity of another person to intentionally harm, intimidate, threaten or defraud may be charged with a misdemeanor, they could face a fine of to $1,000 and up to a year in jail. the law also allows victims to sue for compensation in civil court, enforced by local law enforcement, the state attorney general's office could also get involved. coming up, a full weather update with louisa as well as the traffic situation as far as all of the bay area with erica. traffic really quickly, here
4:43 am
is the albany can, not a problem getting to that area.
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here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. weather sets and again it will continue throughout much of the weekend break on monday the showers back tuesday and wednesday. erica. >> be we have an news sell accident, the ramp to
4:47 am
northbound 101 is blocked to truck facing the wrong way it that your rampion my one and find an alternative it could be there for a while. no other problems to contend with creek bridge deck, westbound 80 the approach to the bay bridge, nice, light as the leading lights are off. scull has been cleared. drive and 8-9 it infamies recent ancestor. but it got to foster city and hayward. rice, like conditions on 92, no problems. red lights coming towards you east bound and hayward, no proms getting to the bridge in either direction along 101 or the nimitz. atabrine canny the north bay to the golden gate, nice, like conditions. traffic is nice and light
4:48 am
heading into san francisco novato and the city limits 23 minutes, san francisco, easy conditions on the james lick and inbound no promise to contend with. quick reminder if you're heading up to the sierra, and the change from highway 88 but not for interstate 8050. >> half a dozen southern california counties are under state of emergency this morning the sixth straight day of tran trains. there is some good news, forecasters are saying the storms will start to wind down starting today. good news for this animal hospital the ongoing rain has flooded the hospital. staff members had to move the animals around to make sure they were safe during the fighting. new details, officials at the good hope to have service back to normal after an outage. the
4:49 am
problem started yesterday morning because supernovas going offline the act like phone directories. google has purchased in new york building. the company is not saying how much it paid for the space to published reports say they would pay $1.8 billion for 15 story building that spans the entire city block. they employ more than two dozen people the second-largest concentration of the employees. apple has pioneered with cherokee tribe to provide software written in their language the tribe says it's been working with apple for several years to make it accessible, the goal is to spread the use of the cherokee language to tech savvy children. nine years
4:50 am
old, was the best chess players already in america samuel said beyond is the national master agreement and this hours of practice before competing against mostly grown ups. he won the competition in san francisco this month making him the yen as champion in history. these sets of the mathematical strategy that allows the most. i the chemists, i find the best one is hard to explain, it's a to go fight. >> you play against adults is that i >> her? >> no >> if there low-rated i don't care. speakpad it is pretty hard to watch a kid sitting there for five-six hours flying at these games. you see all the emotions.
4:51 am
but, the end result it's rewarding. as i as he enters the game is good. >> similar hopes to be a grand master one of these days putting him on the high international level he only has a couple years because the youngest person to do that was 13. boy genius to a 31 year-old man who was using his team. phoenix coyotes toronto maple leafs and is going to watch his team from far after soaring waffles on to the eyes in protest of is from team's lousy play. he's 31 years old, pretty much of his life his team has been lousy, he feels bad for but not really because if we get the team's attention i get some to play better than his promise just an days if not months in court he's as mib worth it. >> < holiday gifts, before
4:52 am
we had inside there is said about 101 traffic looks like it's picking up just a bit. >> program to bring out to tell you about rain in the new year with kron4, our coverage starts at 11:30 p.m. presented by a lead md is the only local news show and the bay area's favorite way to celebrate.
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if u.s. and sinking but to is the last and at the holiday shopping beautiful day today, half day to mark the good news is the weather will be a lot better for us if your looking for gift ideas gabe slate has some thoughts for the book form. >> this season e-treaters are hot, a great kids, the prices have really gone down. they're being mainstream. target is
4:55 am
selling amazons can build. let's take a lot, first there are all similar in function and design, used, for someone of any age. the biggest difference is where you can download the books from. all of them have built in wifi selling and a hot sun like a cafe or your home you can down load but straight to it. after three g versions more expensive to give them stuff like connection server you go you're connected. prices for them for the different ones are the same, they're competitive. let's store most popular can go, it works only with amazon, it is a hundred and $39, the next up, the net, it brings color, it was with
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chernobyl. it also works with the bout with google. some titles for less as thousands of free books. lick it color is the first truly color. it is great for the germans but and it is nice for people used to using a is $249, while five only. the basic one on the has, and to lower resecting titles it is $149. 199 for the wifi possible treaty. but sony works with sony's bookstore and google. several models will offer the cheapest room, this five and a pocket version $99. bigger ones range from $150 to to under $2 to spending on screen size. gabe slate, kron4 news. >> here's a little bit more expensive gifts, a restaurant is spreading
4:57 am
around fight, palo bottle wine, such an extraordinary find it selling for $30,000. to get the devil made in 1947 of chateau latour. the employees in charge of one of the jury came across said he could not believe what you found it will beyond cell when the this comes out in a few weeks. with the recession the way it is good luck if you read by the glass what? five dozen? >> coming up developing story with the rain. it is a good day for arrest but seven california as was across the road a developing story golden gate, traffic is very light. darya will have the full headlines in a few minutes.
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good morning, a clock, stories that we're following, shooting in san francisco these two people dead. 5:00 a.m.. the storm in southern california is expected to back off today aftermath leaving residents stranded. monnet local weather as well, a dry golden gate bridge, at the scene that while. extra quiet traffic. two cars, new fokker anything. i guess we're a couple days or break. >> dry, i haven't heard that word for quite some time dry to the morning and afternoon into the evening. this is not the on the day, two days in a rough. cold start to the morning especially clear the rear were yesterday o'clock this opinion to the north bay, east bay, the next rain expected to move
5:01 am
on to rule on christmas, first, bart director, pockets of what to the north bank santa rosa visibility's that half mile, walgreen and in the delta and that big. morgan hill area is picking little glove visibility. 35 degrees santa rosa, 41 in sa san rafael satellite, radar, catching a break for today, tomorrow. this is an unsettling and to the gulf of alaska. it is expected to sell except for rain on christmas day. the system to jam quite a bit of rain in an area. afternoon highs get into the 50s. richmond 56. 54 san francisco. 57 degrees
5:02 am
from los gatos, fremont. the later part of your damn saturday heavy snow in the sierra those folks having to tahoe with a white christmas your best bet to head up there today, tomorrow, saturday morning after the at the mass. bring back to the pitcher tuesday and wednesday. another quiet start to the morning commute and this thursday before christmas holiday. light traffic all week long so far that's been the case bay bridge toll plaza much lighter than any other day this week. it looks, like a sunday morning at 5:00 a.m. instead of a thursday. no delays for the westbound upper deck, no problems
5:03 am
reported. your ride to the san mateo, pretty easy one for the last week as well. the changeable message sign is up, no problems reported as you can see traffic is still pretty light on the commute side which is westbound. golden gate pretty good, no problems here southbound on highway 101. minor problems on interstate 580 for your ride through richmond, an accident reported near the central off ramp. that is about the only thing worth of any interest. surf are easy ride for everyone. darya. >> developing straight a deadly shooting that happened last night in said san francisco six people shot, two dead. take a look at this map, it shows you where haven't had a plane and linden avenue. just over
5:04 am
highway 101, at this point where the shooters are still on the list. >> to investigators say it happened on a plane, police have tape of this entire area as they continue their investigation what we know it's six people shot, two dead, one critical, three non-life threatening all taken the hospitals investigators have a big distraction three hispanic males, armed, dangerous, possibly adults, late teens. driving a 2000, 2002 chevy impala. police are asking for the public's help to try and find the suspects investigators will still be here knocking on doors talking to people. >> ran county officials are investigating the cause of a sewage spill 824 gal. of
5:05 am
trees were spilled last week where a man goes in several locations overflowed it was discovered last friday, only on hundred five some of the guns were discovered. the rest flowed into storm water drains. officials say the spill was caused by negligence contractor that allow construction to block this year system or environmental terrorism. no immediate public danger but ongoing repairs. forecasters expecting the devastating storms in california to begin winding down today. take a look at the video of hotels surrounded by water the guests staying there had to be taken out by about. the rescue team had to return with the boats and tell every person was accounted for both hotels the ec are going to be closed until they can dry out about a half a mile east of as many as 1000
5:06 am
people evacuated from another hotel. were the streets were filled with water. take a look at the flooding in laguna beach, all the mud. cleanup crews are trying to clear the streets so they can open up the downtown again that had to shut it down yesterday when the streets were flooded with many inches of water. take a look at some voters, still schatz coming down from seven california car stuck in the mud. brodeur came rushing down, down a hillside. a cleanup crew shoveling mud from the downtown beach area. the muddy streets, if you get closer at this time you can see the work that they have to do holiday travel across europe, but there were rough weather is rebounding, they have had many days as you know of snow delays, look at
5:07 am
all this now at gatwick just south of london, they suffered heavily during the biggest gross terms, passengers have been stranded for days, a slight rise in temperatures topping to that the eyes, clear the runways moser's is running normally, they say services back to normal at heathrow, and your star but dublin to has been shut down because of all the heavy snow. they may reopen today depending on conditions. let's take a look at our own conditions outside our window and van ness, nice, quiet. it is not too hot, it's not too cold, we have nothing really to talk about. everyone's on time, sam and his dark, oakland, san jose looking good. during back.
5:08 am
5:09 am
5:10 am
why is the na m, tahoe, it
5:11 am
is a view to their work. the bay bridge to purge, no one's using a rainout. 46 degrees, high of 55, the big news is it is dried. we will see sunshine today, will that be nice. honda is recalling nearly 11 dozen cars it covers the 2010 s 11 accord sedans and 2011 pilot suvs, where supplies to the cars in the united states but from is with the machinery used to tighten spending less. it could cause the front suspension to fail, if you have when you notified this week. the recall will be done. the markets, free training, no christmas trees here on wall street, so far so good. stocks expected to continue their precious things to encourage your report on the
5:12 am
economy and from sales the dow added 26 points yesterday the nasdaq 4 points. the commerce department is expected to release reports on personal lines spending in new-home sales the labor department will report on weekly jobless claims. president barack obama is in hawaii, where he is arriving in honolulu. good fight for him. he arrived just a few hours ago starting a tender a family vacation he was going to get there on saturday but he had to delay that he stayed in the sea while lawmakers wrapped up a lame duck situation. here at the family's rented their oceanfront home. the obama is are expected to return on tinners second. >> we'll be back with more in a couple of minutes to get you going on this thursday morning a a live
5:13 am
look at the golden gate bridge it is clear, quiet. will your back.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
welcome back, here is a look as we had under the rest of the day, we will be bringing those visibility's down fairly low. up to the north bay, a bit of fog. visibility is that less than a mile. portions of the napa. temperatures on the 46 santa rosa, mid-30s this
5:17 am
morning 44 livermore and the antioch. taking into the afternoon we should warn those temperatures in the '50s. five santa rosa, novato, san rafael. as we take it to 56 degrees, san jose. satellite, radar shares as clear conditions even down in southern california. definitely need a break from that wet weather, low processor system to the gulf, the better chance of showers on christmas day is to the afternoon. if you're heading up to the evening hours today, tomorrow or if your to go saturday early saturday morning. this morning there's a dance freezing fog settled in near
5:18 am
the high country. friday, more patchy freezing fog, snow levels 6,500 ft.. a bit above lake level. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. partly sunny today,, a least two days in a row with dry weather. rain for the weekend break on monday, more showers by next week. george. >> if your driving locally commuting to work especially the going to have a very good ride, no major incidents rain now no slowdowns, hot spots it is much lighter than usual traffic. bay bridge, westbound, even lighter than any other day so far this week. evening was the leading lights on monday, tuesday, wednesday we haven't seen anything in the way of a backup for the bay bridge. san mateo, free, there was an incident the day before yesterday out on
5:19 am
101 and 92 could slow things that the west and traffic this week has been great, still little later here on the westbound commute side. golden gate, still looks good. dry pavement for the inbound trent marin tiny. interstate 80, from the lovebird to the lower, traffic is very light, it is for westbound ride coming down toward golden gate fields. the exit for gilman, no problems, delays. from highway 4 down to the turf, the toll plaza the bay bridge. three. >> caltrans is reminding the public fare increases and service charges are set to take effect on gin refers. let's take a look at what you face, it is in the cost an additional 25¢ per is down, though past ticket's going up from $140 to $155.
5:20 am
higher program for a baby bullet express trains. the elimination of two south bundy and northbound trains from the midday schedule. all of these very increases are closto close a projected down. bay bridge is seen dropping carpoolers it appears that might be more than just new tolls. the number of multi person vehicles crossing the bay bridge drop supremacy%. between the nine-2010 a decrease there was more than twice as much as the overall drop in bridge traffic. the drop box does not factor into a $2.50 to all that has caused car pulling numbers to further plummet during the 2009 fiscal year, 4.6 million carpoolers passed for free are the bay bridge, 2010 $4.2 million
5:21 am
to, a decrease of 7.8%. a new proposal to look at gaining raves in california. it would ban public events that boom pre-recorded music for more than three by five hours at night. guilty of misdemeanor and could be fined $10,000 or 20 percent of the rent which is ever is greater. a bay area lawmaker is announcing legislation into curbing under age drinking on party bosses, the jury held a sit-in as is the law would pause fines, revoke licenses enforce criminal charges on the operators of chartered buses that allowed under age drinking on the bus. since alcohol is a typically serves as the operators and not required to check ids.
5:22 am
the measure stems from an incident earlier this year where a 19 year-old drank heavily and a party bus he later data into his car and was crushed. 5:21 a.m. a lawsuit filed by the city of oakland that aims to shut down hotels that city leaders say kidder to prostitution jury it the city's attorney is making an announcement backed here by the of many tiny dna, the three artels named in the lawsuit or the economy and, the national launch, sage martell. a former oakland police says many victims are taken care for illegal sex are victims and children. >> recede rose's plan is 10 years old up to 17, of here on the streets. girls are from all over the country. this hotel has been a
5:23 am
problem in this area grows actually be exploited within the rams, being housed in their rooms by pimps and then force them to work the streets and areas around. very symbol of things to look for, to help us, that this human trafficking. one of the biggest things, just stay in compliance with their own rules and regulations one being, if you're going to be renting a room make sure they have valid identification are registered guests. as simple sinecure and traffic gang is that if your seeing more than just the register to outguess an excessive amount of people coming in and out, this side of him and trafficking. the as you call the police department. if you are seeing one male or sometimes two males coming to register room with a
5:24 am
carful of females who look under age, that will lead comes with some of the girls is with them. that's another key indicator to call. >> oakland city officials say they will use california law that allows cities to sue to close her tiles, in addition to seeking civil penalties. we'll be back with more and testament. in jus.
5:25 am
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5:27 am
27 a m one person has been wounded in an explosion at the embassy in rome. it happened as a package was opened by a staffer who was injured, taken to hospital this comes after a suspicious package as also a founder subway street and run on tuesday it turned into a fake. south korean troops have finished their largest ever went to drill 15 mi. north tree in territory tensions are high
5:28 am
between the two countries, north korea says it's ready to launch a secret war a cruising them of the exhaust rating intentions. china's capital says it's making a sought sharp cut in the number of vehicles allowed to be registered. this is a traffic jam we tore to about in august, the traffic has been turning be genes strings into a parking lot. the 240,000 limit is a little more than a third of this year's total. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
5:29 am
5:30 am
by the city a.m., a double live look, dry conditions very different at clear shot of the golden gate bridge, no fokker anything, the right hand side the camera is still, no wind, no
5:31 am
anything. we are wondering how long this dry weather will last. >> no rain in the picture for today, to mark today's an era without any wet weather mainly to the north bay committee's bay is the fog the afternoon cool, dry weather. we might see some sunshine today by the evening parley cloudy and mild. right now the fog just contain to the north bay, napa, fairfield as well. places like novato, santa rosa down to less than a quarter mile. 1 01, golden gate bridge where to hit some dense fog. your current temperatures are colder, 35 degrees to san rafael. the low '40's, and 46 in san francisco. oakland 50 degrees, that the san jose.
5:32 am
friday afternoon and most of those temperatures up near 50. 55 san rafael. san francisco 50s the the south bay warm response 57. hayward, fremont monday it could bring as temperatures at about 57 degrees. satellite, radar shows we are clear make sure up clouds and san the gulf of alaska has a pressure system keeping as a cold front by saturday. we could see a pretty wet day on your saturday there is a freezing boston and buyers 3 rate now. temperatures below freezing, visibility is less than a quarter mile the best time to head of the cirrus today to mark, saturday will
5:33 am
be a mess. starting off with snow, heavier snow into the afternoon. stay right around 6,500 ft.. a correction be lower as well. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. showing bad break, today, tomorrow make the most of it was the rain such and again on the weekend most of the weekend is going to be wet. a washout for this weekend a break on monday, showers continue through next week. george. >> very quiet ride around the bay area expecting us to continue today the way they have maybe tomorrow even lighter still. they bridge, hardly any traffic at all, even for this weekend looks as though it later than it's been almost any other date. no opportunity for back up for a delay here, if you want to lanes on the bridge during now you can have the light of the git back it up. san mateo, lick the
5:34 am
headlights, a counter flow direction traffic is still moving smoothly no proms coming from foster city, hayward traffic looks good and 80. golden gate bridge, a combination of a troubled rewrite 37 south, no drums or delays for highway 101. we did get word or from three ride in solano county, that's on interstate 80 westbound, coming down from sacramento near the border. this could be affecting the entire roadway we will check that in our next report. developing story police are searching for three men suspected of killing two and says san francisco, video from the scene it happens all laughter 7:00. two men died at the scene, another
5:35 am
critically injured, six people shot >> this is seeing area, were not saying it's a gang shooting because we don't know. >> there are problems here, we have homicide's one of the police will give a person it was a gang but that's only found out my friend is 13 year-old they did not let my mom know he was shot and tell us the other from one of my friends put called and told me your two brothers got shot. >> for police are looking for three men as the shooter's late teens, early 20s, that left the scene in a brown chevy impala this letter was a 2000-2002 model, tinted windows. update on a story that we're dry year earlier this week a man shot and antioch on monday evening has died. 24 year-old arnold macro roy
5:36 am
died on tuesday in happened monday night on rock spring way they found that the resident had been shot in the head key and drove to the rocks during re to me with a group of people in a dirty 1990's two-door ford escort that all they know as they continue to search for suspects. in marin county officials are estimating a sewage spill, a live look hearing can field where it happened to 825,000 gal. of waste water spilled last week where it manholes at several locations overflowed, it was discovered last friday they think about a hundred thousand gallons had been recovered the rest flowed into storm water drains. the spill was caused by a negligent contractor that allowed construction debris to block the sewage system or they say it might of been
5:37 am
environmental terrorism. there's no immediate danger but on graders we will be back with more and a couple of minutes, a live look excited san francisco and the james lick, traffic is so light around the bay today if you didn't have vacation earlier in the week i wonder if you have it today we're not expecting much in the way of the commute, no rain for the next couple of days but it will roll in on christmas day. we will be right back..
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5:40 a.m., a here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. around the bay, christmas in the sense for the weekend and rain for saturday. today, partly sunny, looks quite nice. it will be the same as yesterday afternoon great day to run around doing all those last-minute things to make christmas special. christmas day, that's when the rain waldman. under down
5:41 am
at the family, each side are not promising. sunday, reigning over next week doesn't look so bad, unstable by wednesday monday, tuesday we might stay dry. developing story, this morning, another one doesn't seven california counties are in a state of emergency you know how the big hit harder than we have they been socked with a sixth straight day of rain, torrential rain in some cases, cruiser of their working saying it will take several weeks for the streets to be cleared up. look at the mud, the amount of mud is testing credible. two small rivers overflowed, that created a flash flood and moved all the water rushing into residential streets wind, for zero homes are buried, dozens of cars are too, bulldozers tear up their trent clear the streets. >> take a look at this
5:42 am
video, this is the stadium in san diego, it's billed of water it looks like a giant swimming pool. training crews have been working around the clock trying to pump out the water there's most of the poinsettia boulder today. you see the way toward their in the middle and all the murky water, so they're working on this and how are you even in a park it doesn't look good. but at the big road in and do the new plan be. you're still flowed as a fourth token not a compelling force. dodd and senator barbara, another tree down, it flooded the freeway and then there's another israel to rescind but in the b-2. we're live look there this morning, they have mud everywhere the trend clean it up. crossing wires and the loss five minutes the jobless claims, they come
5:43 am
in, they dropped this week the second drop in three weeks. the labor department's as the number of people seeking job benefits edged down by 3000 tutsis and the adjusted for under 20,000. we to the unemployment applications 425,000 single modest job growth. applications will need to do it consistently to about three and 75,000 or below to indicate a significant decline in unemployment. we will be back with more and a couple of minutes. and live look as bad as we're getting a break from the rain and really no traffic to >>
5:44 am
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5:46 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, 546 friday morning, when they close to christmas eve, james lick, downtown san francisco in
5:47 am
the clear. some would try everyone is staying dry through the day today, closer to the morning especially to the north bay, fog settled in yen to the north bay, east become adults. the next chance rain moves in on christmas day. here's a look at the fog, you can see at a long 101 is down to about 1/4 mile. and some stocks like novato, you can see some thought pretty dense. current temperatures: santa rosa 35 degrees, 41, napa, down along the coast. half moon bay. 46 degrees in san francisco. afternoon highs up into the 50s, mid '50s to santa rosa, san rafael. coming in around 54 degrees. he's become a temperatures ranging from mid-upper 50s create fremont, hayward. at to 57
5:48 am
degrees today, and timeline of and we expect the next chance of rain late friday night we might pick up a few sprinkles to the north, it's really the afternoon that brings the heavy stuff on christmas, all this orange shows some very heavy downpours this class for several hours, pretty fast moving storm expected to push on through. quite a bit of rain 20 a snowfall in the sierra pretty heavy snow expected visibility less than a quarter mile. the afternoon as the best driving time. snow is setting in again. here is a look at your 7 day around
5:49 am
the bay. today, tomorrow dry, maybe some showers late friday night in your saturday. saturday washo, continue to see showers all the sunday. george. >> thank you, continuing to look at that bridge check, light traffic. this is the golden gate bridge, will come back to that first bay bridge, you will see that we still have light traffic in the westbound direction. even with metering lights activated no backups at the bay bridge. monday we had an accident, as though it didn't manage to back of the traffic, for the ride across the san mateo bridge still lighter than usual especially on the right-hand side of your screen which is the westbound direction. your ride to the golden gate theories see it, no delays, a promise from marin county on 101 or sonoma.
5:50 am
guadeloupe and connector now back up or delays. leading lights and not active, no delays between san jose, santa clara for 101 north. the accident in solano, was 80 at the dixon yes it's out there, one, probably more lanes blocked westbound it will slow the rise from sacramento towards the bay. darya. >> if you're hitting their road for the holidays, the prices at the pumps might make you rethink that christmas present york and get for somebody, stay put it in the tank, the national average has jumped to $3. this is the first time since 2008, gas prices have been above the $3 mark. officials say it prices have never been this high around christmas. the higher gas prices are not keeping drivers off the road triple a is sticking with the prediction 86 million
5:51 am
people will travel by car this holiday season that's more than a 3% increase from last year. >> up border dispute between san francisco and san mateo is heating up over a new local hiring lot, and the measure requires 20% local hiring for city funding. in the first year. san mateo believes the new law will drain jobs from its economy because san francisco plans to spend billions of dollars in projects in the coming year's summit taking place in san mateo. including an sfo. >> a group of unemployed union workers went to city hall yesterday to deliver live or more than 1000 christmas cards to mayor newsom, they're meant to encourage the mayor to sign the legislation that would require the city to hire the local contractors, these people want the local construction law. >> is to help people feed
5:52 am
their families. people down on the street, walking around, and i mean it's everybody. everybody's heard. local hiring, that's the tax plays, anytime you get a tax base lodge that funds the school and everything else. speaking is the mayor signs the bill into law it will be the strongest local hiring in the country. asxz >> a new law going into affect could bring on line impersonators' heavy fines, governor signed a law in mid september it takes effect, anybody who assumes the identity of someone else to intensely hot, intimidate, defraud them may be charged with misdemeanor defendants could face a fine of up to a thousand dollars up to one year in jail. it will also allow the victims to sue for compensation. and those by local law enforcement the
5:53 am
attorney general's office could get involved. programming note, were you doing for new year's eve is, spend it with us, we will bring you the only local new year's eve broadcast in the bay area. right here on kron4 presented by l v m d at 11 there'd be. we'll be right back. p a, so as as
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ears should welcome back, taking a delicate 50, 11 top of you can see it's very quiet rain now. one car, you don't need jeans. you do need the money eight. you want to carry them with you. it's a great day to travel, all that fresh snow. sfo, maybe you're not driving, you are flying, we're tracking delays, keeping our eye on the various airports. here we are in san francisco, oakland, everybody is running on
5:57 am
time, i just make sure it because it's the holidays, all of these people have been new to the airport. levo little extra time. at tampa florida restaurant is talking about are rare find it's a bottle of wine that was long forgotten, sunday there seller such an extraordinary find that it is a rarity of the thousand dollar bottle of wine. it is a double magnum, see how big it is, 1947, it is a shot tell a live tour. the employee in charge of the wide imagery came across it, could not believe his eyes, the bottle will be on sale when the wind this comes out in a few weeks. if you want to drop the kind of dough i was just pitching in with a friend or maybe 30,000 friends. we will be back with more of a couple of ms. a live look good side, this is coming us from kent
5:58 am
field, they are trying to pick up the sewage spill. some of it has built into the bay. they're concerned about that, clean up going on, workers out there today.
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